Today we only recommend glass panels or Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) which includes the flight and engine monitoring systems

Stratomaster MGL Enigma

The optimum EFIS which is also a GPS  system is the MGL Enigma. This is a top of the line affordable comprehensive system that optimizes your instrument panel with one simple instrument.

Enigma Looming

  • Here is a video of using it during the taxi and run up part of your flight:[youtube][/youtube]
  • Here is a video which is a tutorial of how to use it showing the screen options and how to use it to program complicated airport frequencies:[youtube][/youtube]
  • Altough using this instrument appears complicated at first, it is very simple to utilize. Shown here is a list of the buttons showing some of the capabilities.

    Enigma Controls

Stratomaster ENIGMA EFIS Display, with built-in GPS and antenna, OAT probe – typical retail price: $2,550

<p?For details on this Enigma panel click here to go to the manfacturers site

To download the trike symbols click here – symbol 1 ACLSYMBL.mif symbol 2 ACSSYMBOL.mif to install

  • Copy 2 x *SYMBL.mif files to SD card (will ask you to replace say yes)
  • Then, scroll down and select the 2 files and press Enter (if asked to replace say yes)
  • Then, restart Enigma for the trike symbols to appear.

Stratomaster Ultra Horizon XL

UltraHorizon XL Aircraft Instrument

If you are adding an EFIS to your panel there are a couple of options if your budget is limited or you do not have the space for the full panel EFIS size of (8.35” x 5.5”). A less expensive monochrome (black and white) EFIS panel is the Ultra Horizon XL with 2 easily-customizable display screens, which can be swapped at a push of a button.

Monochrome EFIS

One screen can be made up to show your primary flight instruments while the other screen can be made up to show the attitude indicator and engine monitoring information. It’s up to you to decide how it must look.

Stratomaster ULTRA HORIZON XL Display, typical retail price: $945

For more details on this go to the manfacturers web site for this product.

XTreme mini EFIS

Xtreme All

Smaller color EFIS is the XTreme EFIS is an affordable mini EFIS. It can be configured as a PFD (with AHRS sensors added), and/or an engine monitor (with RDAC added). It includes a GPS receiver that is used to provide ground speed and range information, as well as a backup/control for the AHRS. If you do not select the SP-4 attitude sensor, you can still have a GPS-derived bank angle display!

Stratomaster XTreme EFIS Display, with GPS antenna, OAT probe – typical retail price: $1,100

For more details and software updates go to the manfacturers web site on this product.

Necessary Extras

Engine  RDAC RDAC – Needed for engine instruments. Typical retail price: $160.


SP2 SP4 Compass Sender Compass sender – Needed for magnetic compass operation. Typical retail price: $260.


See all senders at manufacturer’s web site.