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Delta Jet 2 side Silverlight Aviation in Florida now imports and certifies the new Delta Jet 2 into the US. Silverlight Aviation also imports Apollo Gyroplanes and Airplanes as well as the Delta Jet 2 trike featured here.

Tampa Bay Aerosports which is now Silverlight Aviation has supported both the imported Apollo Aircraft brand over the years for the S-LSA and E-LSA trikes. The new Delta Jet 2 is imported from Hungary. The wings are built in the United States of America. The trike is than E-LSA and S-LSA certified in Zephyrhills, Florida USA.

History of the Apollo Delta Jet 2

Apollo Monsoon over river The Apollo Monsoon is the predecessor of the Delta Jet 2. It has a similar body shape, and similar all around except an upgraded/beefed up front fork and upgraded cooling system. The Monsoon is a great design and was also be fitted with the lower HP ROTAX 582 two stroke 65 hp and a larger ProfiTL 14.5 meter topless wing. This was the basic design of the Delta Jet 2 evolved from.

Delta Jet flying over riverBefore the monsoon was the Apollo Delta Jet. This was the first fully faired trike where the 100 HP Rotax 912 was installed and tested. Delta Jet was the flagship of high performance trikes introduced and imported into the US market 7 years ago. It is still one of the nicest looking, streamlined trikes in existance. It is overall a smaller and more compact trike.

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