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TedsDeltaJet2 SilverLight Aviation imports the Apollo Delta Jet 2 designed by Halley and built in Hungary. The Delta Jet 2 carriage is the third generation from the origional Delta Jet. SilverLight Aviation assembles, completes and certifies the Delta Jet 2 with the Rotax 912 engine, components, and options as ordered by the customer. This is an economical high end trike ranging in price from $50,000 basic to $78,000 fully loaded.

Delta Jet’s sleek lines not only look fast, it is fast. This is not made for comfort in the back seat, it is made as the ultimate speed trike.

Standard Features

Delta Jet 2 flying Skinny tires provide less drag and more speed and all three hydraulic disc brakes give immense stopping capability. The choice of wings finish the package in different flavors for different flying styles.

Delta Jet Specifications

Engine: Rotax 912ULS (100 HP)
Gross weight: 1125 pounds (511 kg)
Hands Off Trim Cruise Speed (sea level with electric trim):
Cheval 12: 64 – 93 mph (56 – 80 knots)
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
Cheval 12: 112 mph (97 knots)
Stall Speed at gross weight (sea level):
Cheval 12: 42 mph (36 knots)
Rate Of Climb (912ULS) at gross weight:
Cheval 12: 1000 ft/min (305 m/min)
Takeoff Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle (912ULS):
Cheval 12: 680 feet (207 meters)
Landing Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle: 750 feet (229 meters)
Descent Rate:
Cheval 12: 450 feet per minute (137 m/min) @ 44 mph (38 knots)
Glide Ratio:
Cheval 12: 10.5:1 at 62 mph (46 knots)
Ultimate Strength: +6g, -3g
Maneuverable Loading: +4g, -0g
Empty Weight: 585 pounds (178 kg)
Gross Weight: Up to 1125 lbs (511 kg)
Cheval 12: 28.5 feet (8.7 meters)
Length: 107 inches (2.72 meters) (carriage)
Height: 98 inches (2.48 meters) (approx)
Trike width (outside to outside including wheel pants): 76.5″ (1.94 meters)
Trike wheel track (approx): 67 inches (1.7 meters)
Wheel width inside to inside of tires (approx): 57.5 inches (1.46 meters)
Wing Area:
Cheval 12: 133 sq. feet (12.4 sq. meters)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 13.4 US Gallons Usable

Standard Delta Jet 2

SLA 14m Wing
DJ2 Engine Enclosure
Hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels
Delta Jet 2 with solid Aluminum Leaf main landing gear with fibarglass cover
12 M  wing is standard (50 to 70 MPH cruise, 32 MPH stall)
Re-coil shoulder harness
Analog flight and engine instruments
Aero K-1750 3-Blade Composite Prop
14.5 US gallon (53 liter) fuel tank
Glove box for storage under front seat
Non-skid rubber flooring inside the trike
Wheel pants with large stabilizing fins for directional stability
Snap-on quick release windshield
Hand cruise throttle reachable by both pilots easily
12 Volt DC socket at dashboard

Delta Jet 2 Cost and Options

Delta Jet 2 (Rotax 912UL 80hp, Red, Yellow, Blue, White) $ 50,000.00 USD
Rotax 912ULS 100hp $ 2,000.00 USD
NEW Rotax 912 iS Sport Engine (must also select 912ULS 100hp) $ 4,000.00 USD
Cheval 12m Wing (select one wing) $ 2,500.00 USD
Sterna 3-Blade Composite Prop $ 550.00 USD
MGL Avionics iEFIS Discovery-Lite 7″ $ 2,800.00 USD
MGL Avionics Extreme w/iPad Mini $ 750.00 USD
Custom Body Color Upgrade $ 750.00 USD
Aero LED Landing Light $ 550.00 USD
Aveo LED Nav Lights/Strobe $ 750.00 USD
BRS Ballistic Recovery System $ 4,895.00 USD
Flycom GA Helmet System $ 1,500.00 USD
Electric Trim for Wing $ 850.00 USD
MGL V6 Transceiver $ 1,650.00 USD
Flightline FL-760 Transceiver $ 1,175.00 USD
Sandia STX165R Transponder $ 3,150.00 USD
Instructor Package (Trainer Bars, Throttle, Steering) $ 750.00 USD
Tundra Wheels with 8 x 6 Tires $ 675.00 USD
SLSA Certification $ 1,200.00 USD
ESLA Certification $ 900.00 USD

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