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DCIM100GOPROBuy a light sport weight shift control trike and get trained (or transitioned) in your new trike with me, Paul Hamilton. I’ll help you figure out what options you want and find the very best trike for you.

We will/can advise you for the best trike for you – from the budget minded used E-LSA, to the brand new factory certified, assembled and tested S-LSA FAA approved for commercial operation trikes.

Why use this as your main unbiased trike buying resource?

“Because I have flown all types of trikes from the first ultralights trikes back in the 70’s, to the new top of the line modern trikes that fly over 100 MPH with computerized avionics, big wings, small wings, large engines, small engines, airport trikes and “off road” outback trikes.

With my 35 years of triking experience I can help you choose the best trike for you. A little research will save you a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run. I will personally make sure you are happy with your trike and know how to fly it”.

Paul Hamilton

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