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many trikes to choose fromThe five manufacturers we are covering here are trikes I have extensive knowledge because I have been working with these trikes and flying them for years. Specifically, Evolution manufactured in the USA, Apollo manufactured in the USA, Airborne manufactured in Australia, Air Creation manufactured in France, and North Wing manufactured in the USA.

All these trikes are currently available considering production times. Production times vary by manufacturer and buy time of year with the longest wait in the spring and shortest in the fall. If you are less picky about the colors and options, manufacturers try to keep trikes in stock for immediate delivery.

Many Evolution RevosWe will first provide a company overview of the manufacturers and than get down to specifics in the “specific company” section. I have chosen mainly to represent Evolution and Apollo, but a can also deliver the other makes if that is what you want. Some people research and have their mind made up about a specific trike make and model which I can accommodate.

It is important to understand that for all of the trikes, the base price is used so a direct comparison can be made. It is like buying a car, the actual price “out the door to you” is always more. Base Price usually does not include the ballistic parachute, radio/comm system, transponder, shipping, instrument panel upgrades, FAA registration and other options. What is included in the base price varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer so keep this in mind as you are looking at options and prices.

Aircraft Manufacturers


I just bought a S-LSA Evolution Revo to provide training for the following reasons.

  • THE top of the line trike, the Ferarri of trikes today
  • this is the high performance trike almost everybody wants
  • lightest/easiest handeling wing with the new Rival S
  • stable at fast and slow speeds with the 100 HP Rotax 912S
  • Large payload where I can  carry students and passengers up to 250 pounds.
  • very roomy for the passanger in back and easy for them to get in and out
  • topless wings are standard
  • looks sexy with a complete lightweight carbon graphite body
  • color glass instrument panel with integrated GPS
  • built tough and made in the USA
  • easy and quick service and parts

Revo Evolution has now been in business for 8 years and is the most desired trike of all brands. They are located in the US based in Florida, and has been constantly evolving with continual improvement. They are now a major player in the trike manufacturing arena and their new Revo is the top of the line of trikes. They are now the leading manfacturer of the top of the line trike here in the US and gaining market share in the world as the sought after trike worldwide.

Product Summary: S-LSA and E-LSA trikes. No ultralights. Small to mid sized wings. Topless in all wing sizes. Entry level to the ultimate competition trike.

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I previously owned a S-LSA Apollo Monsoon 582 for 3 years to provide training for the following reasons.

  • Large payload where I can carry students and passengers up to 280 pounds.
  • very roomy for the passanger in back and easy for them to get in and out
  • topless wings are standard
  • looks sexy with a complete fiberglass body
  • color glass instrument panel with integrated GPS
  • well represented in the USA

Delta Jet 2Apollo is now imported by Silverlight Aviation when Abid went out on his own from Evolution Trikes. They are also  located in the US based in Florida. Their flagship Delta Jet 2 is imported from Hungury and is the third generation trike. Silverlight Aviation have been sussesfully representing the Delta Jet and Monsoon  and are  now focusing on the Delta Jet 2. These are nice trikes with the features I like and have a mid range pricepoint trike for those who want a trike at a midrange price. They are a small and efficient operation and attractive to the budget minded triker wanting the features I like in a trike.

Product Summary: E-LSA kits as well as S-LSA trikes. No ultralights. Small to mid sized wings. Topless in all wing sizes. Entry level to expert trike wings.

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Airborne SST I have flown the Airborne’s here in the US plus extensively in the demanding conditions of Hawaii. Airborne was been in business for years and provides hang glider wings as well as trikes. I highly recommend Airbornes to anyone buying a trike. There is a huge network of Airborne dealers all over the country and world. Airborne provides rugged and reliable trikes and is a standard in the industry. They continue to constantly and reliably deliver and support their trikes throughout the world and here in the USA. Altough they are on the other side of the world (Australia), it is easy to get parts. The variable “dollar” determines the USA price which has recently become much better for pricing. Solid and consistent company with great products. Can not go wrong with an Airborne.

Product Summary: Full range of S-LSA trikes and a limited number of E-LSA kits. Ultralight trikes and hang glider wings. Mid and large sized wings with topless available.

North Wing

North Wing North Wing is the other American manufacturer located in the north west USA. Their medium duty lower priced trikes are used throughout the US and the originators of the topless wing here in the US. North Wing makes hang gliding wings and builds the wings for the Evolution and Apollo trikes to their specifications. North Wing provides a full range from ultralight, to small speed wings, to large wings that can be used on sea trikes. Since Northwing has been around for a long time there are many in the USA with good support and good parts.

Product Summary: Full range of ultralights, trike wings and S-LSA trikes. All sizes of topless wings.

Air Creation

Air Creation The trike I did my “official training” back in 2004 was in an Air Creation. I flew their new top of the Tanarg in Hawaii in demanding conditions.  Air Creation is another standard in the industry producing a full range of quality trikes. They were a little slow to get certified S-LSA trikes into the US market over the last 5 years and have changed US management twice recently. Overall, this French company does not support the new S-LSA sport pilot/LSA rules now in the USA.  Overall their trikes are top of the line tough and reliable but they have no topless wing yet.

Product Summary: Full range of S-LSA trikes. No E-LSa kits. Provides an Ultralight. No topless wings and mid sized to large wings available.

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