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This trike has had a number of upgrades from what you see here, S-LSA 60 hours TT with all extras. Best wing 12.4 meter (flies like a dream), parachute, all lights, updated MGL iEFIS panel integrated with Radio, Transponder/ADS-B in/out (can see traffic on screen), fuel-injected engine, two Flycom Helmets, full dual controls, extended windshield, roll and speed trim, Paul custom LOA for commercial operations (fuel pressure, system audio to video camera internal cable, ground fan). This is perfect for an individual who wants a high-end trike or someone wanting to go into a trike business. Get training on site. Ready to fly home commercial operations. $79,500.


Click on the image for larger view.

Revo 912IS, front view

Revo 912IS Red, White, and Blue Wing Colors

Revo 912IS, side view

Evolution REVO TrimTab Engine Cowling

Evolution REVO Engine Enclosure Roll Trim

Revo 912IS, left side view

Revo 912IS, Rear View

Evolution REVO Trike Trim Tab Actuator

Revo 912IS, Propeller

Revo 912IS, Cockpit Seating

Evolution REVO Trike Panel Layout

Revo 912IS, Switches Detail

Revo 912IS, Wing Top

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