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REVO – Designed for Pilots Wanting No Compromises

Tundra tires and extra soft suspension might suggest the Revo is only designed to get in and out of short or soft fields. However, with up to 100 mph hands off cruise, roomy seating behind an extra tall windscreen and large volume easy access storage; this trike is a preferred choice for long cross country travels.

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MODELS ENGINES E-LSA factory assembled ready to fly BASE PRICE WINGS Available – All wings topless strutted S-LSA factory assembled FULLY LOADED
Revo 80HP 912 $69,000 12.4m, 13.5m(std) $99,600
Revo 100HP 912S $71,500 11m, 12.4m, 13.5m (std) $102,100
Revo 100HP 912iS $79,000 11m, 12.4m, 13.5m (std) $109,850

Standard Features

  1. White Gel Coat with graphics on fiberglass fairings
  2. Powder coated 4130 Chromoly welded structural elements
  3. Bright Anodized CNC’ed 6061-T6 Aluminum brackets and elements
  4. Electric backup fuel pump for easy priming and redundancy
  5. Stainless Steel dual exhaust
  6. 7075-T6 formed single piece main gear leaf suspension
  7. 3/4-inch 4130 hardened Chromoly axles
  8. Three wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  9. Hydraulic valve parking brake
  10. Wide 6-Ply GA certified tires
  11. Quick adjust pedals
  12. Step-On cockpit flooring
  13. Molded composite seating with custom upholstry
  14. Motocross inspired front forks
  15. Quick Release windshield
  16. Re-coil shoulder harness
  17. 3-blade Warp Drive composite propeller
  18. Oil thermostat
  19. Hand cruise throttle
  20. Engine kill switch accessible from back seat
  21. Ground seeking master solenoid
  22. Curtis quick fuel drain valve
  23. 14.5 US gallons gas tank
  24. Large storage capacity under front seat and behind fuel tank
  25. Stratomaster Ultra XL monochrome glass panel instrumentation
  26. Reflex Discovery topless strutted quick foldable wing
  27. All electric components protected by aviation circuit breakers
  28. 12 Volts DC outlet
  29. Fully adjustable motor mount (for fine tuning)
  30. Fully adjustable, patent pending, hang block (for fine tuning)


Here is a look at Revo options to help you design your own trike.

Base Price and Options Table

Base Revo 912 80 HP $67,500White Gel Coat, Matt Glass Construction
912 ULS 100 HP$2,500Extra 20 HP
912 iS Fuel Injected$10,000Less maintenance and burns less fuel
912ULS 115HP modified$7,500E-LSA only. No factory warrenty
Painted Carbon Body$3,500White/Red/Yellow Carbon reinforced glass
Premium Melalic Body$1,000Must be purchassed with Carbon body R1 Blue/Platinum Graphite/Copper
Custom Body ColorCALL
Custom Frame Color$1,000From textured to power coats
Custom colored seat pipingStandardcolor _________
700 series "Tundra" tires$350Standard are 600 series
Full Engine Enclosure with XXL wind screen$3,500912s with carbs require carb heat for proper fit. Not available w arm rest or engine cap.
912 engine cap$500match paint or Naturer carbon fiber
Back Seat Arm Rests$500
Carb Heat (always on)$600not needed with 912iS
7" color touch screen with integrated GPS$1,700
8.5" color touch screen with integrated GPS$3,600
Instructors Package$2,200Hand throttle in back, foot steering in back and control bar extenders
Sensenich Propeller$8003D Carbon Fiber Finish
Landing Lights$1,0003200 Leumens LED
Nav and strobe lights$750All LED Ultra Bright
BRS Parachute$4,500BRS 1050 Canister
Flycom Com System w/built in jacks$1,800
Radio$1,750MGL V6 Radio integrated with Touch Screen EFIS
Electric speed trim for wing$1,2003 to 4 inches of trim on keel In Flight Depending on Wing
Electric in-flight Roll Trim$1,800Dual Electric Rudders
Extended Fuel Tank$500Not available with the BRS
E-LSA Certification$1,500
S-LSA Certification$2,500
Reflex Discovery 13.5 meter wing standardEntry Level well rounded wing (60-80 MPH)
Rival S 12.4 meter $2,800Novice to advanced high performance wing (55-100 MPH)
Competition 10.9 meter$2,800Expert Wing (Hyper Sensative 65-100 MPH)


  • Ultimate Strength: +6g, -3g
  • Maneuverable Loading: +4g, -0g
  • Engine: Rotax 912 UL (80 HP), 912ULS (100 HP)
  • Power: 80 hp 4-stroke, 100 HP 4-stroke
  • Gross weight: 1040 pounds (472.5 kg)
  • Hands Off Trim Cruise Speed (sea level with electric trim):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 55 – 80 mph (48 – 69 knots)
    Reflex RIVAL S Wing: 55 – 100 mph (52 – 87 Knots)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 65 – 100 mph (56 – 87knots)
  • Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 90 mph (78 knots)
    RIVAL S Wing: 115 mph (100 Knots)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 115 mph (100 knots)
  • Max. Straight and Level Speed (Vh):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 100 mph (87 Knots)
    RIVAL S Wing: 104 mph (90 knots)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 110 mph (96 Knots)
  • Stall Speed at gross weight (sea level):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 38 mph (33 Knots)
    RIVAL S Wing: 44 mph (39 knots)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 41 mph (36 knots)
  • Rate Of Climb (912ULS) at gross weight (ISA):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 1065 ft/min (5.4 m/sec)
    RIVAL S Wing: 1000 ft/min (5 m/sec)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 1000 ft/min (5 m/sec)
  • Takeoff Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle (912ULS at ISA):
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 855 feet (260 metres)
    RIVAL S Wing: 902 feet (290 meters)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 951 feet (290 meters)
  • Landing Distance to clear 50 foot obstacle : 800 feet (244 meters)
  • Descent Rate:
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 460 feet per minute (2.337 m/sec) @56 mph (48 knots)
    Reflex RIVAL S Wing: 560 feet per minute (2.845 m/sec) @ 58 mph (50 knots)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 560 feet per minute (2.845 m/sec) @ 58 mph (50 knots)
  • Glide Ratio:
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 10.7:1
    RIVAL S Wing: 9.2:1
    Reflex Competition Wing: 9.0:1
  • Maximum Endurance:
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 5.0 hours
    RIVAL S Wing: 5.0 hours
    Reflex Competition Wing: 4.0 hours
  • Ultimate Strength: +6g, -3g
  • Maneuverable Loading: +4g, -0g


  • Seating: 2, tandem
  • Empty Weight: 550 pounds (250 kg)
  • Gross Weight: 1040 lbs (472.5 kg)
  • Wingspan:
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 31.5 feet (9.6 meters)
    Reflex RIVAL S Wing: 29.5 feet (9.6 meters)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 27 feet (8.23 meters)
  • Length: 107 inches (2.7 meters) (carriage)
  • Height: 98 inches (2.48 meters) (approx)
  • Trike width (outside to outside inclusing wheel pants): 76.5″ (1.94 meters)
  • Trike wheel track (approx): 67inches (1.7 meters)
  • Wheel width inside to inside of tires (approx): 57.5 inches (1.46 meters)
  • Wing Area:
    Reflex Discovery Wing: 145 sq. feet (13.5 sq. meters)
    Reflex RIVAL S Wing: 124 sq. feet (12.5 sq. meters)
    Reflex Competition Wing: 118 sq. feet (10.9 sq. meters)
  • Fuel : 14.4 US Gallons

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