Buyers Guide

First, the most common question asked about buying a WSC trike is:

"How much do they cost?"

Simple answer, between $5000 and $120,000 US dollars.

Next question, “Why such a variance?”

Easiest to understand if you think about the similar questions such as:

  • How much does a car cost? You want a beat up old junker at $5000 or a top-of-the-line new Ferrari at $250,000. Do you want a multi-people van or a motorcycle.
  • How much does a house cost? You want a fixer upper in low demand area for $50,000 or a new larger house in an expensive area $900,000.
  • How much does an airplane cost? $25,000 for an old beat up 30-year-old Cessna or $500,000 for the same mode with extras new.

The list goes on, but this is why there is a large variance. You typically get what you pay for.

Better to start with a budget, look at the two-place Light Sport Aircraft or single-place Ultralight, and finally the options below to see if you can get the three to match.

Make no mistake, if you want a safe, reliable and easily serviceable WSC Trike, it costs money.

There are several important items to consider when buying a trike:

  1. Consider why fly a trike.
  2. Consider the lifestyle you want.
  3. Consider the trike engine you want.
  4. Choose from the large variety of trike wings available.
  5. Choose the many options you want your trike to have.