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Intercom allows the pilot/instructor to communicate the the passenger/student plus provides the ability to broadcast out and recieve incoming transmissions from the outside world.

What is an intercom system and how does it connect to the radio? The best explination is a diagram showing the headsets, intercom, plug in for the stereo, push to broadcast out and how the intercom system is connected  to the radio. 

Lynx e micro scheme

Lynx Avionics provides an intercom system designed specificly for microlight trikes.

Lynx logo

For all the specifics of the Lynx Avionics products click here.


Connecting or installing the Lynx system to the top of the line Enigma EFIS glass panel and MGL V10 radio is done through simple plug in connectors to the radio and Enigma.

This video shows how to retrofit existing Lynx systems and how to use the Lynx Radio/power interface “G” connector specifically made for the Enigma/V10 radio systems. In this video I make an adapter to install the Lynx system onto the Enigma and V10 radio, you can also send in your radio power interface unit for any radio to Lynx and they will convert it to the new system to plug directly into the V10 radio and Enigma as shown for the second setup directly from the factory. This is about $60 to convert including shipping back to the US and the best way to convert previous radio systems to the new V10 radio and Enigma.


For the “How To” use the Enigma EFIS and V10 radio plus hear how clear the Lynx system is in flight see the videos at Flight Instruments. The audio is exactly what you hear in the headphones of the Lynx system…super clear.

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