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Our featured Ultralight, the Evolution Aircraft REV from the same company and same quality standards as the Revo.

The REV is a rugged STOL single seat trike with 3 unique features.
1: There is no front strut
2: It has all wheel suspension
3: It folds onto a specific trike dolly cart for set up and storage in under 10 minutes.
The suspension comes from 4 “flex rods”. The entire front end is a swing arm giving the nose wheel equal travel.
The entire front end disconnects and “unplugs” to fold the trike in lieu of a folding mast. In its folded form the rear
wheels actually are lifted off the ground which creates a counterbalance effect which makes putting the wing up and down quite effortless.


The REV Starting at $17,900
Cruise 45 MPH
Stall 26 MPH
Takeoff distance 80 feet
Top Speed 58 MPH
Rate of climb 600 FPM


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